History of the iASP™ cms

History of the iASP™ cms

The iASP™ cms originated in 1998 when Canberra based Internet Service Provider ACTweb secured a federal government grant and appointed a team of developers with a passion for innovation.

In 2001, following the sale of ActWEB's ISP interests, the company shifted the focus to web application development for the Registered Club industry and under the ClubPort brand name forged strong relationships that we still enjoy to this day.

As our technological capabilities expanded, so did the industries we serviced, and the brand, again, changed. InfoPort came into existence.

By 2002, a colourful evolution of products, services, and names had yielded another rebranding and the iASP™ acronym was born.

By 2007, with a mature and solid codebase of more than 1,000,000 lines, Enotia, as the company had become, established its presence in it's current home, a block from Melbourne's CBD.

By 2011 the iASP™ cms was serving almost 20,000,000 unique web pages and boasted over a quarter of a million registered users.

In November 2012 the next generation of the software: iASP™ 6.0 was released.

iASP™ 6.0 features over 1,300 new icons in a brand new User Interface and is the fastest, most secure and by far the easiest to use version to date.

With the rapid increase in importance of mobile web sites (iASP™ 6.0 features many mobile device specific features including a dedicated mobile device shopping cart), the continued emergence of Social Media and other forms of Content Marketing, the developers of the iASP™ cms are just as determined and excited about meeting the challenges we'll face in coming years we were a decade ago!

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