The Client:
Artico markets a huge portfolio of stationery, branded gifts, book, card and impulse gifts to retailer stores throughout Australia & New Zealand. With their iASP™ cms powered online shopping cart system, Artico can cater to their large, regular retailer client-base (B2B) for ease of product ordering.

The Background:
Initially approached directly by Artico's CEO at the CeBIT tradeshow in Darling Harbour, Enotia vied for the Artico project and was successful against numerous other peers.

Understanding the need to produce a custom online shopping portal targeted at retailers (not the general public) Enotia accurately interpreted Artico's need for streamlined product display: not simply individual products.

The Project:
Artico wanted to work with a web service provider who could provide an easy-to-use, scalable system, which would save time for both Artico and their vast database of regular retailers.

Due to their huge range of stock keeping units (SKU's), plus varying demand in individual SKU numbers, Enotia provided Artico with design layouts to best showcase each level of product, making the web experience easy, fun and to encourage repeat business. The sheer volume of SKUs also called for advanced search functionality, helping Artico customers to quickly find the products they need.


"...Enotia worked very closely with us to design our new site to be easy for Retailers to search and buy our products...results have been breathtaking...Now our customers can browse our range 24 hours a day instead of waiting for Trade Shows!... "
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