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Beatbox Music is a Sydney based, independently owned and operated Australian company providing one of, if not, the largest selection of production music (more than 80 music libraries containing over 250,000 tracks) to the who's who of the professional media industry in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Enotia has enjoyed a close working relationship with Beatbox since 2006 when appointed to develop an e-commerce system allowing customers to purchase a limited sub-set of the extensive BeatBox music library via instant download.

Over recent years we have worked closely with Beatbox to produce a customised music based web site application that has been applied to facilitate access to content by production industry professionals and the ability for the public to directly purchase and download music online.


"...If I am not wrong this is the newest and the biggest (not sure though) online library for production music with up to 250.000 tracks. However I am sure this vendor has the most up to date database and the easiest interface I have ever commenting on the iASP™ cms powered BeatboxMD project... "
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