Floral Frenzy

The Brief:
Floral Frenzy required a fully-automated online florist shop that accommodated their complex underlying delivery parameters and allowed customers to browse their range of floral products by occasion, relationship and price range.

Aware of the opportunities for florists seeking market share online, Floral Frenzy also required certain Search Engine Performance criteria be satisfied within the first 6 months following the launch of the web site.

The Outcome:
Enotia presented a solution that ultimately proved to be many thousands of dollars more economical than those offered by alternative providers, which satisfied the Search Engine Performance criteria well within the required time frame.

The Floral Frenzy web site allows customers to calculate delivery costs and availability while allowing web site administrators to easily manage their complex delivery parameters by creating delivery rules such as "No Sunday deliveries, except for Mothers Day".


"...the iASP™ cms makes it easy to make changes to our web site wherever and whenever we need to make them...it's easy to manage and update, and we have much greater control over the way our site behaves than any previous provider has offered us...adding products to our catalogue is simple and quick, and adding new functionality as we need it is hassle-free... "
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