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iASP™ is a Content Management System (CMS) developed and fully supported by Enotia Australasia Pty Ltd.

The iASP™ CMS powers every client solution Enotia produces, ranging from entry level corporate websites ($3,000.00 to $8,000.00) to high end tailored web applications ($100,000.00+).

Enotia's product range and internal expertise spans all areas of project lifecycle from initial concept development to project launch and beyond.

We take an individual approach to every client project, regardless of the budget.

Every Enotia project is managed by a dedicated, experienced industry professional.

Planning, production, hosting, upgrades, support and a complete range of related ongoing services are delivered via our streamlined 8-step project management process.

Web Design

Great-looking, interactive and fully supported. Enotia is one of the few W3C standards compliant web design firms in Australia, our years of experience and meticulous attention to detail get real results for our website clients.

Every iASP™ web design project is powered by our wholly-owned software and we take an individual approach to every project -- regardless of budget.

New projects commence with our 8 step project management process that includes a personal consultation with a professional iASP™ consultant.

Our websites deliver all the benefits of an advanced Content Management System (CMS), powerful interactive tools, integrated e-commerce and much more in a securely hosted and fully-supported solution.


iASP™'s integrated e-commerce system, powered by technology developed by our parent company Enotia, can be readily tailored to meet the complex e-commerce requirements and provides the ability to sell:

  • Products
  • Event Tickets
  • Course Enrolments
  • Membership Subscriptions
  • Instant access to downloadable files
  • Any combination of the above in a single transaction
Additionally, our development team can customise our technology to facilitate highly complex, fully automated online sales systems to virtually any specification. Recent examples of customised solutions include:
  • Australia's first government endorsed online OHS management system
  • Fully automated insurance policy application/validation and sales systems
  • Fully automated online enrolment and payment systems
  • Fully automated print-ready file creation after online creation and purchase of personalised greeting cards, calendars and colouring books
  • Fully automated calculation and purchase of Carbon Emission Offset Credits triggering personally printed certificate delivery

The iASP™ e-commerce system includes all the tools you would expect in a world-class solution:

  • Fully integrated real-time secure credit payment processing
  • Real-time advanced shipping calculations
  • Integrated online inventory control
  • Fully automated, customisable e-mail alerts and page displays
  • Functional order-management tools
  • Advanced real-time shipping, tax and adjustment calculations based on promotion codes, referring affiliate or other nominal conditions
Managing product/ticket inventory, subscription packages, and downloadable files is a breeze via the iASP™ Content Management System (CMS).

The optional integrated iASPMessenger System allows you to proactively target and communicate with your customers as required.

Internet Marketing

Do you want a website that attracts new customers?

We pride ourselves on being able to create websites that are not just great-looking and highly functional, but easy to find.

Internet marketing is a constantly evolving science. There are lots of products in the market place that make big promises for even bigger fees, and you would be wise to question whom you can trust when it comes to building, promoting, enhancing, and maintaining your website.

"For SEO practitioners, it's increasingly the case that strong organic rankings require an integrated effort from several disciplines (PR, writing, design, web development), making SEO a fundamental component of a web strategy rather than an afterthought."

With an iASP™ website, you have already won many of the battles in the Internet marketing war. Our underlying technology is engineered to be ultra search engine friendly and contains all the integrated features you would expect in a world-class solution.

Tapping into iASP™'s specialist Internet marketing expertise via our professional range of packages will provide your business the winning edge, placing you ahead of your competitors, with access to a market of more than 10 million customers in Australia alone.

"Australian active online population size (web only) is 10,814,000. Broadband penetration in Australia now reaches over 84% of home users - over 8.6m Australians."

iPhone and Mobile Internet Compatibility

The majority of websites currently published on the Internet cannot automatically present simultaneous versions, based on the type of device visitors are using.

With the increase in popularity of new generation mobile Internet capable phones, like the Apple iPhone, when (not if, according to Microsoft and Google) the mobile Internet revolution arrives, most current websites will need to be totally re-developed or worse: a second, entirely separate version of the current site will need to be published and maintained.

iASP™'s technology offers our clients the option of publishing a single versatile version of their website that automatically adapts to both the traditional computer and the mobile device.

Imagine the benefits of publishing and maintaining a single version of your website, on the same URL ('') that automatically caters for both traditional computer and mobile Internet visitors.

iASP's mobile Internet-readiness is a combination of our leading software technology and the strict compliance standards we adhere to for every website we develop. The decision to invest the minimal additional amount in a mobile Internet friendly "skin" lies with each of our clients.

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device you will already be viewing the mobile compatible version. If you are viewing this page on a traditional computer you can see the mobile compatible version of the iASP™ website via the link below.

TIP: When viewing the mobile version from a traditional computer, you can return to the traditional version by clicking the link: 'I am not on a mobile device' published at the bottom of the mobile version.

View the mobile Internet version of the iASP™ Website now.

For more information about mobile compatible websites (m-sites) contact iASP for a confidential consultation.

High End Solutions

iASP™ is one of a handful of Australian enterprise-level providers capable of delivering exceptional solutions that turn the wildest ideas for online businesses into reality.

Our wealth of proprietary intellectual property and decade of practical e-business industry experience empowers us to apply a proven approach to every project.

iASP™'s high end solutions typically go well beyond development of the 'front-end' website to include integrated business management systems such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project and Process Management
  • Task Management and Workflow
  • Accounting

iASP™ is at the forefront of the development of high end, fully automated web-based business solutions including the booming Web 2.0 space, multi-lingual websites and mobile internet compatible websites.

Web 2.0 is a phrase coined to describe the latest generation of interactive website technology such as Blogs, comments, voting etc.

Our skilled team regularly delivers high end customised solutions that fully automate complex business management processes via powerful management interfaces such as purpose built, real-time dashboards that provide instant operational feedback.

Our wholly-owned software technology allows for rapid deployment of advanced customisation and we provide enterprise project planning and documentation services.

See some examples of customised online business solutions we have developed and if you're in the market for a world-class interactive website, contact iASP to arrange a confidential discussion with an iASP™ consultant today.

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