Internet Marketing

Do you want a website that attracts new customers?

We pride ourselves on being able to create websites that are not just great-looking and highly functional, but easy to find.

Internet marketing is a constantly evolving science. There are lots of products in the market place that make big promises for even bigger fees, and you would be wise to question whom you can trust when it comes to building, promoting, enhancing, and maintaining your website.

"For SEO practitioners, it's increasingly the case that strong organic rankings require an integrated effort from several disciplines (PR, writing, design, web development), making SEO a fundamental component of a web strategy rather than an afterthought."

With an iASP™ website, you have already won many of the battles in the Internet marketing war. Our underlying technology is engineered to be ultra search engine friendly and contains all the integrated features you would expect in a world-class solution.

Tapping into iASP™'s specialist Internet marketing expertise via our professional range of packages will provide your business the winning edge, placing you ahead of your competitors, with access to a market of more than 10 million customers in Australia alone.

"Australian active online population size (web only) is 10,814,000. Broadband penetration in Australia now reaches over 84% of home users - over 8.6m Australians."

SEO Explained

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the science of increasing your website's visibility to search engines based on a series of factors including its content, popularity, internal and external links, and the underlying development framework of the site.

IASP 5.0 clients have already won many of the SEO battles as our underlying technology is ultra search engine friendly.

By employing a professional to optimise your website, your business will be SEEN in search results. Effective SEO can boost your visibility to clients and create a significant improvement in ranking. The results can be compared to the difference between taking out a full page advertisement in a national newspaper over a few lines in the classified section.

SEO relates to the organic (or unpaid) search results displayed when visitors perform a search. Search engines such as Google calculate rankings based on a complex series of secret algorithims that change regularly. The ultimate aim of effective SEO is to deliver the best possible organic search engine ranking a website can obtain, and that's where IASP's dedicated team comes into the picture.

Important note: There is nothing any SEO professional can do to "trick" Google into delivering a higher organic search engine ranking than it actually deserves that will not ultimately result in the website being penalised or removed from Google altogether. If an SEO provider promises to deliver a specific organic Google search ranking it is either because they have conducted extensive research and identified the best ways to beat the competition for that particular search ranking -- just as IASP does -- or they are simply not on the level.

If you want to maximise your website Return On Investment (ROI), and experience the benefits of reaching more Internet users who seek your products or services, SEO is the most cost-effective form of marketing you can undertake.

Contact us now to learn more about our customised SEO Packages.

SEM Explained

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) covers the spectrum of activities involved in creating, placing, and, most importantly, monitoring and managing paid search engine advertising.

Search engines such as Google present a range of organic (or unpaid) search results in the body of their results page and a list of related paid search results in other areas of the page -- in Google's case, the paid-for results appear at the top and on the right-hand side of the page.

Organic (or unpaid) search results within Google are based on the results of Google's secret algorithims which change at regular intervals. The best organic search engine rankings are the result of dedicated Search Engine Optimisation. SEM should be considered, however, as a separate, although closely related, component of an overall Internet marketing strategy. Research has shown that visitors are up to 55% more likely to visit a website if it appears in both the organic and paid search engine results.

iASP™ offers full-service management of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, such as Google Adwords, on behalf of our clients.

Our transparent SEM service means you are always aware of the actual pay-per-click advertising cost component of your total marketing budget; you only pay when someone clicks on your advert. iASP™ always identifies our service fee component with full transparency.

The range of professional SEM services available include:
  • Keyword and key-phrase research
  • Advertising copywriting
  • Advertising placement
  • Campaign performance monitoring
  • Customised reporting
  • Pro-active recommendations and advice

Our customised SEM services are tailored to the individual needs of clients. iASP™'s SEM services submit our clients' websites to major search engines and directories, and develop integrated online marketing strategies that convert visitors into regular customers.

Our dedicated Internet marketing professionals understand the Pay-per-click advertising environment and work with our clients to target specific visitor demographics and attract the maximum number of visitors searching for relevant products or services.

Integrated Affiliates Program

Harness the power of web business referrals and reward customer loyalty to build the success of your web sales.

The integrated iASP™ Affiliates Program is among the largest and most powerful initiatives iASP™ has engineered to date. It presents all clients, especially those using our real-time e-commerce solutions, with fantastic new opportunities to take their online business activities to a higher level.

Participating iASP™ clients have the ability to reward referring partners and customers for their part in generating visitor traffic and/or actual online interactions such as online purchases, content enquiries, etc.

The system also allows participating iASP™ clients to reward customer loyalty by creating automated promotional incentives, such as free shipping for purchases in excess of a certain dollar amount. Clients can offer redeemable gift voucher certificates to customers, and track relevant discounts and bonuses carefully through promotional codes. These are just a few of the practical examples offered through the iASP™ Affiliates Program.

Keeping an existing customer is far easier than acquiring a new one, which is why building customer loyalty is vital to a successful business. The iASP™ Affiliates Program delivers the ability to create and manage strategic relationships with partners and customers, which will, in turn, greatly improve the performance of all iASP™-powered websites.

Search Engine Accelerator

Networking is a key ingredient for any successful business and our managed "search engine accelerator" network is just that: your virtual networker.

Members of iASP™'s search engine accelerator liaise via an iASP™ representative who manages the affiliation between the parties.

Simply swapping links with unrelated third party websites can have a negative impact on your search engine performance, which is why iASP™'s search engine accelerator is such a powerful system.

The search engine accelerator allows participating iASP™ clients to take advantage of our diverse and expanding national client base by forming lasting relationships with partners relevant to your business, your industry, and to your customers.

The iASP™ search engine accelerator connects seamlessly with our integrated Affiliates Program, allowing you to analyse and track all referrals that have come via network peers, and optionally (with the Advanced Affiliates System) offer discounts or specials exclusively to visitors from members of your network.

Here's what some of our satisfied Search Engine Accelerator clients have to say;

  • "Conveyor Pulleys Australia, now gets a fantastic result from search engines for our primary selling product"

  • "For the Google search engine, we come up as the very first result, not just in Australia but in the World"

  • "Even for our secondary products we get a high and favorable ranking, usually on the first page, giving us much more opportunity to be seen and known by potential customers"
    ~ Erica Norwood, TSSCO & Conveyor Pulleys Australia

  • "I am emailing you to let you know about how satisfied Impressionable Kids and our franchises are with the Search Engine Accelerator and Search Optimization Package"

  • "We all believe that the internet is the way to go for marketing at present and have been focusing heavily on ways of driving traffic to our website, nothing to date has worked as well as the Search Engine Accelerator, the results speak for themselves"

  • "I regularly check and compare our statistics to the same period last year and our traffic has more than doubled, also the effect was extremely quick. The cost to run the search engine accelerator is well worth it and I would recommend anybody who is an iASP™ customer to certainly register as we have been more than happy with the result"

  • "As a franchise system all of our franchises track where our customers have heard about us, we are finding more than ever that our customers are finding us on the internet"
    ~ Jacquie Ismalun, Impressionable Kids

E-mail Marketing

One of the many powerful interactive tools available as an integrated option within the iASP™ CMS is the iASPMessenger System, an Anti-Spam-compliant user registration and mail-list subscription system.

iASP™ Messenger allows the creation and delivery of personalised, targeted, branded e-mail campaigns, and also features advanced campaign management and real-time statistical reporting.

The simple-to-follow 6-step campaign creation process includes a point and click tool allowing administrators to turn any content published on their website into a campaign.

  • Point and click usability
  • Anti-spam legislation compliant
  • Branded and targeted
  • Advanced Subscriber Filtering
  • Advanced mail-merge


iASP™ offers a complete range of professional copywriting, copyediting, proofreading, and website content development services.

Your content needs to be clear, compelling and polished. Don't let typos, poor grammar, and awkward phrasing drive away potential customers. Perfect copy instills confidence and we can deliver inspired and inspiring text to best suit your needs.

We work closely with each client to understand the messages they want to convey to their visitors and to develop "plain English" content that speaks directly and clearly to their target market and best reflects their corporate identity.

Related services include:

  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Product Descriptions
  • Company Newsletters

All iASP™ content development is written with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. The strategic placement and frequency of key words and phrases ensure that your website appeals to your target customers without compromising the website's search engine performance.

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