Integrated Affiliates Program

Harness the power of web business referrals and reward customer loyalty to build the success of your web sales.

The integrated iASP™ Affiliates Program is among the largest and most powerful initiatives iASP™ has engineered to date. It presents all clients, especially those using our real-time e-commerce solutions, with fantastic new opportunities to take their online business activities to a higher level.

Participating iASP™ clients have the ability to reward referring partners and customers for their part in generating visitor traffic and/or actual online interactions such as online purchases, content enquiries, etc.

The system also allows participating iASP™ clients to reward customer loyalty by creating automated promotional incentives, such as free shipping for purchases in excess of a certain dollar amount. Clients can offer redeemable gift voucher certificates to customers, and track relevant discounts and bonuses carefully through promotional codes. These are just a few of the practical examples offered through the iASP™ Affiliates Program.

Keeping an existing customer is far easier than acquiring a new one, which is why building customer loyalty is vital to a successful business. The iASP™ Affiliates Program delivers the ability to create and manage strategic relationships with partners and customers, which will, in turn, greatly improve the performance of all iASP™-powered websites.

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