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Great-looking, interactive and fully supported. Enotia is one of the few W3C standards compliant web design firms in Australia, our years of experience and meticulous attention to detail get real results for our website clients.

Every iASP™ web design project is powered by our wholly-owned software and we take an individual approach to every project -- regardless of budget.

New projects commence with our 8 step project management process that includes a personal consultation with a professional iASP™ consultant.

Our websites deliver all the benefits of an advanced Content Management System (CMS), powerful interactive tools, integrated e-commerce and much more in a securely hosted and fully-supported solution.

Content Management (CMS)

All iASP™-powered websites feature our acclaimed integrated Content Management System (CMS).

There are many content management systems on the market, but few deliver the power and simplicity of the iASP™ CMS.

10 years of constant improvement have resulted in countless time-saving inclusions that allow our clients to easily manage their websites without specialist computer skills. Basic knowledge of a web browser and a few minutes training is all that is required in order to control and update an iASP™ 5.0 Powered website.

During production, iASP™ tailors the CMS to individual client requirements so all content is automatically formatted and optimised to fit seamlessly within the site layout.

The easy-to-use tools include automated database driven image handling (cropping, resizing etc.), advanced automated content filtering that allows direct copy/paste of content from external sources such as Word documents without the risk of breaking the page layout, an integrated spell checker, automated link creation tool and many more time saving functions.

Graphic Design

iASP™ websites include world-class functionality, but we've been around long enough to know that functionality counts for little if the graphic design is not also top class.

We understand how great web design can be effectively implemented into dynamic, interactive websites without compromising functionality.

Individual, distinctive, functional :: iASP™ delivers high quality websites that look as impressive as they actually are.

For budget conscious clients iASP™ offers a selection of professionally designed website frameworks, which are readily customised to reflect unique corporate branding and identity.

For higher end solutions our professional design team can tailor a fully customised design to virtually any requirement.

Image Processing

Advanced database-driven image handling is just one of the literally thousands of world-class underlying features built into the iASP™ CMS.

The advanced image handling allows our clients to simply attach the relevant image from their local computer and the iASP™ software does the rest.

The system takes a single version of the image and processes it for optimised display in the relevant places within our clients website.

The single version of the original image can be cropped and resized to display in all areas required. For example, the same image can be used to generate a thumbnail in a list of products, then in a larger version on an actual product page, and even in a super-sized version in a printable brochure version of the page.

  • Click on the image to open the pop up
  • Try opening the pop-up in different sized browser windows and notice how our system automatically adjusts the image placement

DIY Flash

Flash animations placed within various areas of your website can dramatically improve the overall look and feel. The iASP™ website contains flash elements in the header of the home page and within the header of the portfolio section.

The iASP™ Flash Generator Tool is a simple-to-use function that allows direct modification of Flash animations such as replacing images, modifying the transitions between various images, and modifying the text that displays within the flash animation.

iASP™ Flash Generator Tool provides a more dynamic looking and visually appealing website while ensuring our clients retain complete control over all content published.

For information about how integrating customisable flash animations into your website can improve its performance contact iASP.

Skinning Technology

Think of the possibilities!

iASP™'s "Skinning" technology allows our clients to present different versions of the same website to target specific individuals or groups of customers.

"Skins" can be as simple as presenting a different version of your home page to certain clients or as complex as displaying a completely independent sub-set of your content.

iASP™'s skinning technology is ideal for publishing alternate versions of the same website to individual visitors according to:
  • Arrival at your website (i.e where they came from)
  • Which country they are in
  • What type of device they are using (i.e. computer or mobile phone etc.)
  • What web browser they are using
  • What operating system they are using
  • How they are logged into your site

The system is perfect for publishing "local" versions of larger websites (ideal for franchises) and is also designed to be the last word in enterprise-level affiliate partnerships.

Related Services

iASP™ is an enterprise-level full-service provider.

In addition to the wholly-owned software that powers every website we produce, we also provide a complete range of related services.

We operate two wholly-owned, dedicated server networks consisting of Web, Database, DNS and Mail Servers that allow us to provide secure web hosting, domain name registration and management and business grade e-mail services.

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