Automated Image Processing

Image Processing

Advanced database-driven image handling is just one of the literally thousands of world-class underlying features built into the iASP™ CMS.

The advanced image handling allows our clients to simply attach the relevant image from their local computer and the iASP™ software does the rest.

The system takes a single version of the image and processes it for optimised display in the relevant places within our clients website.

The single version of the original image can be cropped and resized to display in all areas required. For example, the same image can be used to generate a thumbnail in a list of products, then in a larger version on an actual product page, and even in a super-sized version in a printable brochure version of the page.

  • Click on the image to open the pop up
  • Try opening the pop-up in different sized browser windows and notice how our system automatically adjusts the image placement

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