Related Services

iASP™ is an enterprise-level full-service provider.

In addition to the wholly-owned software that powers every website we produce, we also provide a complete range of related services.

We operate two wholly-owned, dedicated server networks consisting of Web, Database, DNS and Mail Servers that allow us to provide secure web hosting, domain name registration and management and business grade e-mail services.

Domain Services

iASP™ offers discounted domain name registration and related domain name management via our dedicated domain portal:

Every domain name registered via Nameport is by default delegated to iASP™'s primary and secondary DNS Servers which are located within our dedicated server network.

While iASP™ subsidises domain name services for clients with an iASP™-powered website, even our regular domain name registration and annual management fees are ultra competitive.

For advice about domain name related issues contact iASP and talk to one of our professional consultants, or for full pricing information and quick online domain registration visit the Nameport website.

e-mail Services

In today's business world, e-mail is mission critical to many enterprises.

Our wholly-owned infrastructure includes dedicated mail servers allowing us to offer the following business grade e-mail services.

All iASP™ e-mail account options include:

  • Streamlined account set-up across multiple devices (including smartphones)
  • All the features you would expect in an enterprise level system such as auto-responder control for out of office messages and more
  • Multi-device access to the iASP™ Webmail system, which facilitates sending and receiving e-mail via web browser anywhere in the world
  • Anti-Virus Filtering
  • Anti-Spam filtering
Please note: We also offer e-mail forwarding (automatically forwarding a copy of all e-mail to a nominated e-mail address), in addition to advanced e-mail distribution options. Please talk to us about your requirements.

iASP™ also offers 'catch all' e-mail accounts, i.e. 'anything' can be forwarded to a nominated account, please see pricing below.

To discuss the e-mail requirements of your organisation, please contact Enotia.

To find out how iASP™ can get you started <strong>contact us</strong> now...

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