Skinning Technology

Think of the possibilities!

iASP™'s "Skinning" technology allows our clients to present different versions of the same website to target specific individuals or groups of customers.

"Skins" can be as simple as presenting a different version of your home page to certain clients or as complex as displaying a completely independent sub-set of your content.

iASP™'s skinning technology is ideal for publishing alternate versions of the same website to individual visitors according to:
  • Arrival at your website (i.e where they came from)
  • Which country they are in
  • What type of device they are using (i.e. computer or mobile phone etc.)
  • What web browser they are using
  • What operating system they are using
  • How they are logged into your site

The system is perfect for publishing "local" versions of larger websites (ideal for franchises) and is also designed to be the last word in enterprise-level affiliate partnerships.

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