The iASP Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management (CMS)

All iASP™-powered websites feature our acclaimed integrated Content Management System (CMS).

There are many content management systems on the market, but few deliver the power and simplicity of the iASP™ CMS.

10 years of constant improvement have resulted in countless time-saving inclusions that allow our clients to easily manage their websites without specialist computer skills. Basic knowledge of a web browser and a few minutes training is all that is required in order to control and update an iASP™ 5.0 Powered website.

During production, iASP™ tailors the CMS to individual client requirements so all content is automatically formatted and optimised to fit seamlessly within the site layout.

The easy-to-use tools include automated database driven image handling (cropping, resizing etc.), advanced automated content filtering that allows direct copy/paste of content from external sources such as Word documents without the risk of breaking the page layout, an integrated spell checker, automated link creation tool and many more time saving functions.

Easy to Use

The current generation of the integrated iASP™ Content Management System (CMS) is so easy to use most clients only need a few minutes of training.

iASP™ does provide extensive support resources, and some of the complex projects we produce require more detailed training, but in general our clients tell us it is the easiest system they have ever used.

iASP™ 5.0 is the third complete revision of our software and reflects our years of experience and the feedback from hundreds of clients using the software.

The result is a powerful, supported system that allows even the most "computer skill challenged" of our clients to easily manage their website after a basic training session.


The fully featured iASP™ CMS configures all content and content related matters.

Catering for differing client enviroments. Both static and dynamic graphics. Administrative control of content, Online shopping, marketing and enquiries. Listed below is a summary of iASP™'s features.

Please use the enquiry form to follow up any further enquiry or contact us directly.

Visitor Analysis

Our advanced website statistics provide an in-depth analysis of how visitors arrived at your website and what they did when they got there. You can view the statistics for each month or look at the overall results for the life of the website.

Statistics include:
  • Overview
  • Daily Traffic
  • Busiest Days of the Week
  • Most Popular Pages
  • Visitor Countries
  • Search Queries
  • Search Engines
  • Entry Pages
  • Exit Pages
  • Referring Sites
  • Referring URLs

Advanced Controls

The iASPControl Panel is a simple to use interface built into every website powered by iASP™ 5.0 and above.

The Control Panel provides a single point of access to advanced website functions including:

  • Creation and management of administration access
  • Access to add and manage sections within navigation menus
  • Control over the content of various auto-response e-mails and page returns the website generates after visitor interaction
  • A dedicated area to upload images for manual placement in content as required (note: the iASP™ CMS also offers automated database driven image handling that automatically crops and resizes images)
  • Access to real-time advanced website statistical reporting and analysis
  • Access to iASP™'s integrated Support Ticket and Knowlege Base systems
  • e-Mail account management
  • Managed Business Network management
  • iASP™ Affiliate system management
  • Access and management of the integrated iASP™ Messenger System
  • Access and management of the integrated iASP™ CRM system

The iASP™ Control Panel (and all areas of the iASP™ CMS) contain extensive built in tool-tips and access to contextual support advice from the ever expanding iASP™ Knowledge Base.

Interactive Features

Engage your website visitors and encourage return traffic with iASP™'s impressive range of interactive tools.

iASP™'s interactive tools deliver next generation functionality today to help our clients stay ahead of their competition.

A great commercial website should encourage visitor interaction and facilitate communication, which ultimately converts visitors into regular customers.

Fully Supported

iASP™ fully supports every project we deliver.

We offer a range of personal training options during initial project delivery and ongoing access to comprehensive support resources including:

  • Built in tool-tips throughout our software
  • An online knowledge base
  • An online support ticket system
  • Dedicated telephone support during business hours
  • Personal on site training by appointment

iASP™ support goes beyond technical issues with our software, our team of industry professionals are available to assist with relevant, honest advice on the complete range of issues related to publication of a successful interactive website.

Custom Reporting

Even our entry-level Content Management System allows all of our clients to export database snapshots and perform manual analysis (using any spreadsheet package) whenever they want, but performing manual data analysis can be difficult and time-consuming.

Our custom reporting system helps you extract Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from your website in a flash.

  • Use some of the many pre-configured reporting profiles available
  • Have iASP™ tailor a custom reporting solution for your required metrics
  • Build custom reporting profiles from scratch via your Control Panel; extract raw data, perform calculation and aggregation, and generate a report from the results

Some of the pre-configured reporting solutions available include:

  • Top selling products (optimise your supply chain and maximise sales)
  • Top spending customers (segment your clients and target expensive promotions at proven big spenders)
  • User registration breakdowns by location, age, and other demographics (if your site is configured to obtain the relevant data)
  • Enquiry breakdowns by location
Please note that all levels of our Affiliates System include at least basic sales reporting including sales breakdowns by referring affiliate, and total sales by week and month.

To find out more about how Custom Reporting can make a real difference to the bottom line of your online business, contact iASPtoday.

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