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Even our entry-level Content Management System allows all of our clients to export database snapshots and perform manual analysis (using any spreadsheet package) whenever they want, but performing manual data analysis can be difficult and time-consuming.

Our custom reporting system helps you extract Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from your website in a flash.

  • Use some of the many pre-configured reporting profiles available
  • Have iASP™ tailor a custom reporting solution for your required metrics
  • Build custom reporting profiles from scratch via your Control Panel; extract raw data, perform calculation and aggregation, and generate a report from the results

Some of the pre-configured reporting solutions available include:

  • Top selling products (optimise your supply chain and maximise sales)
  • Top spending customers (segment your clients and target expensive promotions at proven big spenders)
  • User registration breakdowns by location, age, and other demographics (if your site is configured to obtain the relevant data)
  • Enquiry breakdowns by location
Please note that all levels of our Affiliates System include at least basic sales reporting including sales breakdowns by referring affiliate, and total sales by week and month.

To find out more about how Custom Reporting can make a real difference to the bottom line of your online business, contact iASPtoday.

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