Interactive Features

Engage your website visitors and encourage return traffic with iASP™'s impressive range of interactive tools.

iASP™'s interactive tools deliver next generation functionality today to help our clients stay ahead of their competition.

A great commercial website should encourage visitor interaction and facilitate communication, which ultimately converts visitors into regular customers.


IASP software features numerous integrated auto-responders.

Auto-responders are automated e-mail messages and/or customised web-pages that are triggered in response to various actions visitors perform.

For example, by default, when a new User registers on an IASP powered website, an auto-response web-page displays to them and an automated confirmation e-mail is sent to them.

The contents of all integrated automated web-page displays and e-mail messages can be easily modified to exact requirements via the IASP content manangement system.

In addition to the standard auto-responders, IASP can readily provide customised auto-responders that trigger web-page displays or automated e-mails based on virtually any type of visitor action e.g. if a visitor answers "No" to a question they receive a different auto-response to if they had answered "Yes".

In fact, IASP's software is capable of much more than automated generation of web-page content and e-mail messages, our automated event trigger functionality allows for complex automated processes to be triggered by a single visitor click.

To discuss how integration of advanced automation can improve your bottom line contact IASP.


A Blog (short for Web Log) typically consists of a series of entries containing content relating to a common topic, which are usually displayed in reverse order of date of publication.

An important part of a Blog is the ability for visitors to interact with the author(s) by posting comments and/or voting on the articles published.

A Blog is a great way to communicate with all the stakeholders in your business and collect valuable feedback. While a commercial website would typically contain information about the website owner, it may also contain general material related to their field of expertise.

Well written Blogs encourage interested parties to link to them, which in turn improves the Search Engine Performance of the website.

View the IASP Blog.

To find out how a Blog can benefit the performance of your website contact IASP.

Online Enquiries

IASP's smart online enquiry system allows us to deliver totally customised, multi-stage online enquiry forms that capture the exact customer demographics and enquiry details required.

All online enquiries submitted trigger an alert to the nominated website administrator(s), and all enquiry details are stored in a searchable, secure administration area within the website for later management and processing (or export) as required.

IASP can readily integrate advanced automation into the online enquiry system to cater for complex events such as generating and e-mailing a PDF quotation to the enquirer based on the data entered in the enquiry form.

The online enquiry system can also be linked to the registration process for e-newsletters to save the visitor re-entering their personal information again if they choose to subscribe to any e-newsletters available.

Contact IASP today to discuss how our online enquiry system can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Online Quotes

IASP online quote generator takes all the manual work out and hassle out of preparing detailed, customised quotations and can be configured to allow for manual or automated delivery to your customers.

IASP's online quote system allow creation of complex, multi-stage online quote forms, which are 'hard-wired' into background calculations that automatically process and generate the quote based on the options selected.

The system can be configured for internal use only, to generate and display the quote to customers within a web-page (which can in turn link to a secure-payment page), or it can be configured to generate and e-mail a customised PDF document containing your company branding.

IASP's online quote generator is just one of the countless examples of how our software technology can be applied to save time and money and deliver real benefits to your customers.

To discuss how integration of the IASP online quote system can improve your bottom line contact IASP.

Site Search

IASP's superior integrated site-search technology allows website visitors to quickly locate and navigate to the relevant area of interest.

As content is added via the content management system it is automatically catalogued into the site-search database.

IASP's search technology goes way beyond a simple 'key word match', it automatically ranks the importance of words and phrases.

Your customer searches for a single word, the search engine returns a ranked list:
"12 results found; viewing results 1 to 12"
The search keyword found is highlighted.

Search for multiple words, this will widen the search.
Note the result may be paged:
"38 results found; viewing results 1 to 15"
"« Prev : [1] : [2] : [3] : Next »"

A more specific search, ie. "+Jelly +Beans", the result contains only those paragraphs that contain both words:
"7 results found; viewing results 1 to 7"

And if that's not enough, spell the search keyword wrong, the search engine will prompt with a possible correct spelling. Try it by searching a wrongly spelt word in the search area to the top right.

So your customer will always be able to find what they want with the minimum of fuss.

Contact IASP today to discuss how our advanced, integrated site-search technology can improve the performance of your website.

Streaming Media

IASP's world-class Media Player is an optional integrated feature of the IASP CMS and allows easy publication of media files where required.

Our Media Player streams flash files over the Internet and contains all the features you would expect from a high quality solution.

IASP also offers media file conversion from various formats into optimised flash files for the best performance possible.

Contact IASP today to discuss your streaming media requirements.

User Access

IASP's software features simple to use controls that allow easy management of User access to all areas of your IASP powered website.

Access Management is a standard inclusion within the Content Management System (CMS) of all IASP websites. This powerful, yet simple to use system allows:

  • Easy creation of multi-level password protected content
  • Easy creation of multi-level access for individuals or groups to password protected content
  • Easy creation of administration access to any specific area of your entire website

The access management system helps personalise your website for individuals or groups of visitors, for example you can publish VIP pricing that is only available to visitors with relevant access.

In addition to the standard access management system, IASP can rapidly deploy highly customised permission based solutions to cater for corporate Intranet/Extranets and practically any User access requirements.

For more information about how the IASP access management system can improve the performance of your website contact IASP.

Online Surveys

The IASP online survey system allows much more that the ability to create and publish complex online surveys - this powerful system also interprets the results according to the parameters you provide...think of the possibilities!

The IASP online survey system can be integrated with our PDF generator allowing you to deliver personalised real time results to participants.

The system can also be integrated into IASP's online shopping system allowing you to sell the results of the survey to participants.

IASP's advanced data reporting system allows you to generate reports detailing multiple user responses; a perfect internal or external market research tool.

The IASP online survey/test system is ideal for:

  • Market Research
  • Online Learning and Training
  • Automated Online Quote Generation
  • Customer Feedback Management
  • And much more

For more information about how the IASP online survey system can improve the performance of your website contact IASP.

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