IASP software features numerous integrated auto-responders.

Auto-responders are automated e-mail messages and/or customised web-pages that are triggered in response to various actions visitors perform.

For example, by default, when a new User registers on an IASP powered website, an auto-response web-page displays to them and an automated confirmation e-mail is sent to them.

The contents of all integrated automated web-page displays and e-mail messages can be easily modified to exact requirements via the IASP content manangement system.

In addition to the standard auto-responders, IASP can readily provide customised auto-responders that trigger web-page displays or automated e-mails based on virtually any type of visitor action e.g. if a visitor answers "No" to a question they receive a different auto-response to if they had answered "Yes".

In fact, IASP's software is capable of much more than automated generation of web-page content and e-mail messages, our automated event trigger functionality allows for complex automated processes to be triggered by a single visitor click.

To discuss how integration of advanced automation can improve your bottom line contact IASP.

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