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IASP's superior integrated site-search technology allows website visitors to quickly locate and navigate to the relevant area of interest.

As content is added via the content management system it is automatically catalogued into the site-search database.

IASP's search technology goes way beyond a simple 'key word match', it automatically ranks the importance of words and phrases.

Your customer searches for a single word, the search engine returns a ranked list:
"12 results found; viewing results 1 to 12"
The search keyword found is highlighted.

Search for multiple words, this will widen the search.
Note the result may be paged:
"38 results found; viewing results 1 to 15"
"« Prev : [1] : [2] : [3] : Next »"

A more specific search, ie. "+Jelly +Beans", the result contains only those paragraphs that contain both words:
"7 results found; viewing results 1 to 7"

And if that's not enough, spell the search keyword wrong, the search engine will prompt with a possible correct spelling. Try it by searching a wrongly spelt word in the search area to the top right.

So your customer will always be able to find what they want with the minimum of fuss.

Contact IASP today to discuss how our advanced, integrated site-search technology can improve the performance of your website.

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