User Access

IASP's software features simple to use controls that allow easy management of User access to all areas of your IASP powered website.

Access Management is a standard inclusion within the Content Management System (CMS) of all IASP websites. This powerful, yet simple to use system allows:

  • Easy creation of multi-level password protected content
  • Easy creation of multi-level access for individuals or groups to password protected content
  • Easy creation of administration access to any specific area of your entire website

The access management system helps personalise your website for individuals or groups of visitors, for example you can publish VIP pricing that is only available to visitors with relevant access.

In addition to the standard access management system, IASP can rapidly deploy highly customised permission based solutions to cater for corporate Intranet/Extranets and practically any User access requirements.

For more information about how the IASP access management system can improve the performance of your website contact IASP.

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