Advanced Administrator Controls

Advanced Controls

The iASPControl Panel is a simple to use interface built into every website powered by iASP™ 5.0 and above.

The Control Panel provides a single point of access to advanced website functions including:

  • Creation and management of administration access
  • Access to add and manage sections within navigation menus
  • Control over the content of various auto-response e-mails and page returns the website generates after visitor interaction
  • A dedicated area to upload images for manual placement in content as required (note: the iASP™ CMS also offers automated database driven image handling that automatically crops and resizes images)
  • Access to real-time advanced website statistical reporting and analysis
  • Access to iASP™'s integrated Support Ticket and Knowlege Base systems
  • e-Mail account management
  • Managed Business Network management
  • iASP™ Affiliate system management
  • Access and management of the integrated iASP™ Messenger System
  • Access and management of the integrated iASP™ CRM system

The iASP™ Control Panel (and all areas of the iASP™ CMS) contain extensive built in tool-tips and access to contextual support advice from the ever expanding iASP™ Knowledge Base.

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