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iASP™'s integrated e-commerce system, powered by technology developed by our parent company Enotia, can be readily tailored to meet the complex e-commerce requirements and provides the ability to sell:

  • Products
  • Event Tickets
  • Course Enrolments
  • Membership Subscriptions
  • Instant access to downloadable files
  • Any combination of the above in a single transaction
Additionally, our development team can customise our technology to facilitate highly complex, fully automated online sales systems to virtually any specification. Recent examples of customised solutions include:
  • Australia's first government endorsed online OHS management system
  • Fully automated insurance policy application/validation and sales systems
  • Fully automated online enrolment and payment systems
  • Fully automated print-ready file creation after online creation and purchase of personalised greeting cards, calendars and colouring books
  • Fully automated calculation and purchase of Carbon Emission Offset Credits triggering personally printed certificate delivery

The iASP™ e-commerce system includes all the tools you would expect in a world-class solution:

  • Fully integrated real-time secure credit payment processing
  • Real-time advanced shipping calculations
  • Integrated online inventory control
  • Fully automated, customisable e-mail alerts and page displays
  • Functional order-management tools
  • Advanced real-time shipping, tax and adjustment calculations based on promotion codes, referring affiliate or other nominal conditions
Managing product/ticket inventory, subscription packages, and downloadable files is a breeze via the iASP™ Content Management System (CMS).

The optional integrated iASPMessenger System allows you to proactively target and communicate with your customers as required.

Download the IASP Shopping Cart Brochure

Online Shopping System Features

iASP™'s integrated e-commerce solutions allow our clients to sell products and services that are simply not possible with most e-commerce packages.

Just a few working examples from solutions we've created include:
  • The ability for customers to calculate and purchase carbon emission offsets (and automatically receive a personalised certificate).
  • The ability for customers to create personalised calendars and in turn automatically forward a print-ready file to the printer for printing and delivery to anywhere in the world.
  • The ability for customers to take online tests or surveys and purchase the results in real time.

The iASP™ online shopping system includes the following features:

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