iPhone and Mobile Internet Compatibility

The majority of websites currently published on the Internet cannot automatically present simultaneous versions, based on the type of device visitors are using.

With the increase in popularity of new generation mobile Internet capable phones, like the Apple iPhone, when (not if, according to Microsoft and Google) the mobile Internet revolution arrives, most current websites will need to be totally re-developed or worse: a second, entirely separate version of the current site will need to be published and maintained.

iASP™'s technology offers our clients the option of publishing a single versatile version of their website that automatically adapts to both the traditional computer and the mobile device.

Imagine the benefits of publishing and maintaining a single version of your website, on the same URL ('yoursite.com') that automatically caters for both traditional computer and mobile Internet visitors.

iASP's mobile Internet-readiness is a combination of our leading software technology and the strict compliance standards we adhere to for every website we develop. The decision to invest the minimal additional amount in a mobile Internet friendly "skin" lies with each of our clients.

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device you will already be viewing the mobile compatible version. If you are viewing this page on a traditional computer you can see the mobile compatible version of the iASP™ website via the link below.

TIP: When viewing the mobile version from a traditional computer, you can return to the traditional version by clicking the link: 'I am not on a mobile device' published at the bottom of the mobile version.

View the mobile Internet version of the iASP™ Website now.

For more information about mobile compatible websites (m-sites) contact iASP for a confidential consultation.

Skinning Technology

XHTML Compliance

In 2004 iASP™ decided to invest substantial resources into the development of one of the world's only strict XHTML standards compliant content management systems.

The decision meant little to our customers (and partners) at the time, and our production expenses for each project grew exponentially while our new processes 'bedded in', however, we backed our vision for the future and the commitment to do the right thing by our clients and absorbed the additional production costs internally.
The results of our vision are only now being realised as the mobile Internet and other advances in web-based technology demand strict XHTML compliance as fundamental development criteria.
Almost every website iASP™ has delivered since March 2006 is already configured to strict XHTML compliance.
If your website is not XHTML compliant, your competitors may be about to blow you out of the water. Contact us today to discuss how our enterprise-level solutions can deliver you a strong competitive advantage.
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